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In looking through some Amazon Prime Day deals, I came across several things that I regularly use and love and thought that I would offer a few recommendations on things that are on sale that you may find useful. This is a completely random list with the only thing in common that they were on sale as a Prime Day deal when I was looking at them…

First, Amazon is offering $5 off books over $15, which makes it a good time to pick up a more expensive book you might be considering. I’d recommend considering getting yourself a nice Bible for long term use.

Pitt Minion NIV I had been searching for quite a while for a nicely bound Bible that was a good size to both throw in my bag and also to preach from. While the text is slightly smaller than I would like, and I wish it didn’t have cross references in the middle of the page, after buying and returning 5 different premium Bibles, this is the one that still best met those needs. Most Bibles today cost around $20, have fake leather covers, use cheap paper and fall apart far too quickly. If you can afford it, it’s worth buying a more premium Bible in a size that’s usable for you. Also, I prefer the NIV, but you can obviously find it in other translations if you prefer.

QALO Silicone Ring I first got this ring because my fingers would swell while hiking and it was an easy way to still wear a wedding ring without the discomfort of a swollen finger with a stuck ring. I’ve ended up making it the ring that I wear every day. I’ve lost a couple and it’s nice losing a $20 ring instead of my actual wedding ring and in doing any kind of work or workout, I don’t have to take it off in order to not have my ring pinching.

Nespresso Machine We regularly use a Nespresso machine at home rather than a Keurig when we want a quick cup of coffee. It makes espresso, so we are then able to have a latte or cappuccino if we want, but most often we utilize it to make an americano, which in my opinion is a much better tasking coffee than what you get from a Keurig machine.

Germ Guardian Air Purifier Kate has a rabbit that lives in her room. This has been the best product that we’ve used so far in order to keep the odor down. It surprisingly works really well

Wusthof Chef’s Knife We got rid of our Target knife block in favor of having just a couple of high quality knives that we keep well sharpened. We use a Wusthof Chef’s Knife and utility knife for more than 90% of our cooking and knife needs. This isn’t the exact model we use, but it is the set that’s one on sale for a really good price.

Dual Tipped Art Markers We bought these for Kate for Christmas a couple of years ago and she still uses them regularly.

These were all on sale for Prime Day when I posted. I don’t know how long each of the deals last, so they may or may not be when you check. Also, each link is an affiliate link

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  1. Excellent pen choice! These pens look like a very expensive brand and are probably just as good!
    If you find anymore pens, pencils, etc let me know!

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