A Multiplying Manifesto

This weekend at Parkcrest we talked about what it looks like for us to be a Multiplying Church. Towards the end of the message, I gave a bit of broad vision as to what that looks like.

Here’s my “Multiplying Manifesto” for Parkcrest:

We will become a church multiplication center. Training and releasing people into full time vocational ministry and missions as well as to become church planters.

But we will not just train full-time vocational ministers, but every day ordinary people who are willing to die to themselves to see the Kingdom advanced, who will start non-traditional churches…who will lead out kingdom initiatives in the city…people who will use their jobs and their vocations to see the kingdom expanded.

Parkcrest will become known not only as a church for people who are far from God to connect with God, but as a training ground…a training ground for every day, ordinary Christians to live out their faith in exponential and multiplying ways. A training ground for people who are called into vocational ministry to be prepared not just to lead in a church, but to see the kingdom expanded.

We will redefine success from how many people we can get in here to how many people we can send out…A multiplying church seeks to release as many people as possible to see the kingdom grow.

There will be a day in the not too distant future when there will be people living out Kingdom expressions all over Long Beach, Southern California, the rest of the nation, and all around the world. And they will be bound together as people of Parkcrest not because they all gathered here on the weekends, but because this is where they received a vision for something more…because this is where they were trained not to manage the structure of the church but to see the Kingdom expanded…because this is the place that said we won’t hold on to what we have, but we will die to ourselves so that we can see the movement of Jesus multiplied.

There will be a day when God will use Parkcrest where we literally will not be able to count how many people are affected by our ministry because while we will always have a localized gathering like this, we won’t be able to count them all because they don’t all gather in one place at one time, but instead will have been trained and released by Parkcrest to multiply the movement of Jesus.

And so here’s our most basic role within that…here’s how we participate in that…we die…

We die to being comfortable just calling ourselves Christians. We die to only spreading the movement of Jesus when it’s easy. We die to the idea that paid professionals and pastors lead the movement of Jesus…we die to success being how many people we can gather in one place…we die to church meeting my needs, and start being the church…we die to giving the church a couple of hours a week, and start letting the Kingdom and Kingdom advancement affect the entirety of our lives


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