Growing a Healthy Church

I recently was asked to write an article for the Pastors in the Foursquare Denomination based on a message that I gave earlier this year.

Here’s an excerpt…

Far too many of us have bought into the fallacy that the way to accomplish this mission is to have really great and attractive church services. Is it possible that we have become too focused on the church service, believing that the service itself would accomplish the mission of the church? It seems we have lost sight of empowering our people to live out that mission, instead training them to become consumers of a church experience.

As leaders, we need to stop blaming those whom we lead, and instead recognize that we’ve played a role in creating the vast consumerism that’s running throughout the church in North America.


You can read the rest of it here

(also, thanks to Marcia Graham for getting me to do this and editing the final draft)

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