Huffington Post on Living Together

After our message on marriage this weekend and our offer of the Free Wedding Weekend, this was passed along to me today. I was shocked to find that it seems that even the Huffington Post is willing to admit that at least for some, cohabitation is a bad idea (although with all the arguments that she cites, I’m not totally sure how she ends up with some).

Here’s a few quotes pulled out of the article:

So what’s so wrong with living with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Let’s forget the studies pointing out the booze (cohabitors drink more), weight (they’re heavier) and happiness (they’re not quite as happy as married couples but they aren’t more miserable, either), because those aren’t the issues. Nor are the results of the latest NMP study, “Why Marriage Matters,” which predicts doom and gloom for the children of cohabiting couples. The NMP has an agenda; it wants to promote marriage. Still, even a recent and presumably agenda-less Pew Study finds similar results, at least when it comes to cohabiting couples’ economic well-being; they’re poorer, and that puts stress on a relationship. A lot of stress…

The real problem with cohabiting is that many couples who enter into it don’t give it a lot of thought; it’s one of those “just kind of happened” things. You like him, he likes you and a few months later you’re jamming your stuff into his closets…

Commitment is a decision. And if cohabitation is being offered as a replacement to marriage — as theAlternatives to Marriage Project and many sociologists and family psychologists see it — then a little more thought about it needs to happen, especially if you know you want to have kids one day.

(read the whole thing here)

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