Do Something Difficult

I recently had the opportunity to sit down at dinner with an incredible leader who I have a huge amount of respect for. As he was sharing some stories about leading his church, he told me about a time 10 or 15 years ago when they were growing rapidly and had quickly become the hip young church to be at, and as a result, they started attracting all the hip young people from all the other churches around.

When most people wouldn’t have paid much attention to where people were coming from, they would just be glad that more people were coming, it bothered this guy. He said he decided that for 3 months not to do worship music, and instead of doing a typical sermon, that he would each week give a 1 hour social commentary from a biblical framework on films. He said all the Christians who had left other churches went back to their church because they weren’t getting what they wanted, and the people who weren’t believers who were coming loved it. He told me that early on in his ministry, this decision helped to define who they church would be.

Then later in the evening, he was talking about something completely different, when he shared how they were recently $1 million behind on the annual budget, and at that time decided to get more invested outside their church and to challenge their church to give away huge sums of money. During 1 month, they gave away more money than they had given away in the entire history of their church up until that point. He then said this, “when we did that, we recaptured the soul of the church”

He told these two stories independently, they weren’t really about each other, and they occurred almost 15 years apart. But I left there remembering why this particular guy inspires me and why I respect him – he’s willing to try difficult things. He did it early on in his leadership to define the community he was leading, and he did it as the community had matured as a way of recapturing the soul of who their church is.

I wonder if the thing that simply separates the people who lead in a significant way, who end up defining for the rest of us what we want to do and who we want to become – is just simply that they are willing to continually do difficult things. Maybe the thing that separates someone like that from someone like you and me is just that they’ll do the difficult things that don’t make sense.

What’s the difficult thing that you need to do that will help to define the community that you lead, or that will help to recapture the soul of the community that you lead?

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