Jump Farther

I was reminded last night of a story I shared with Parkcrest a few months ago.

One of the ways I bond with my daughter Kate is by jumping. Don’t judge me…it’s hard for me to figure out ways to connect with a 4 year old girl. We like to see how high we can jump, and what she thinks that I can jump on top of. But she also gets really excited to jump to me.

Last night, she got on the couch, asked me to back up and jumped to me. She kept having me go further and further back until she wasn’t able to make it to me.

After she tried to jump that far, Isaac, being the taller and older brother realized that he could jump that distance and further, so he then asked to jump to me. Isaac though, kept sending me further and further back. He knew that because he’s older, taller and more mature that he could jump farther.

I had this simple realization when this same scenario happened several months ago – the more mature you are, the farther you can jump.

The thing is though that most of us don’t live our lives this way. As we grow older and more mature, the more comfortable we become and the less risks we take. People who consider themselves mature in their relationship with Christ can also sometimes be some of the most cautious and risk adverse people. But that’s not how it should be.

God is calling you to risk…to step out of what’s comfortable and into the unknown. The more mature you are, the farther you should jump.

What’s God calling you to? Where do you need to jump farther?

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