Spend the Right Time on the Right Things

I was recently reflecting with a group about the church planting kick off event we recently had. Someone made the observation that with the time that it took for Rick Warren to be a part of the event, and how long he stayed hanging out with people that he probably invested at least 5 hours into being with us. If anyone has a thing or two on his plate, he’d be at the top of the list.

It reminded me of a screenshot I had taken from one of Jon Acuff’s tweets a while ago (not in a stalker kind of way…but because the significance of it really struck me).


A random observation that I’ve made recently – people who seem to be leading well make enough time for the right things. The people I know who lead the most significantly, have the most on their plates and who have the most responsibility, also have learned how to make the right time for the right things.

Somewhere a shift happens in order to lead more effectively where you move from being constantly busy, hurried and pulled in a lot of different directions by a lot of different people towards having even more responsibility and more to do, but handling it in a different way. Some people never make that shift and never gain more responsibility.  Some people gain more responsibility and yet never make this shift, and as a result never learn to lead in a more significant way.

That’s one of the things I’m trying to learn right now – spending the right time on the right things.

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